Instructional Video

How Text Marketing Works | is a top text marketing provider. I created a series of videos to explain their services and how to use them. This is the introduction video on how text marketing works.

Rust Belt- Skateboard Manufacturing

Our local skateboard shop in Jamestown, NY is now manufacturing their own skate decks, which is quite an accomplishment!  I created this video to show the process of how the boards are made right here in Jamestown.

How to Make a Boutonniere

Learn how to make a wedding boutonniere with this helpful how to video from

How to Make a Purple Wedding Bouquet

Learn how to make a lush purple wedding bouquet with this easy how to video from

How To Make a Cascading Bouquet

This is one of many 2 minute How-To videos I made for  The purpose of these videos is to make it simple and quick for viewers to create their own DIY wedding ideas using Afloral products.

Trick Grip: How To Kickflip On Your Skateboard

This is 1 out of 9 total tricks for the Trick Grip DVD set on how to use the specialized skateboard grip tape called Trick Grip.   This instructional video teaches people how to use the colored foot placement to do the Kickflip skateboard trick

TRICK GRIP: How To Apply

A how-to DVD series I filmed and edited for Trick Grip grip tape.  This video is designed to teach people how to remove old grip tape and apply the new Trick Grip grip tape for their skateboard.

How to Use Acrylic Water to Make a Floral Centerpiece

I work seasonally for creating simple DIY wedding and home decor ideas.  In this video, learn how to use acrylic water to make a floral centerpiece, this DIY creation would be perfect for a wedding reception, or a unique piece of home decor.