Video Editing Portfolio

Kyle + Johanna | Engagement

This is a video I edited for my friends Kyle and Johanna.  Because it was a complete surprise, they set up a few Drift POV cameras around the area to capture the moment.  I used the footage they gave me and created a short engagement video.

Holiday Valley Pond Skimming and Cardboard Box Race

Holiday Valley’s Pond skimming event is one of the most popular of the season. This event was covered by Billy Bacon using various POV cameras as well as DSLR.  I used the footage eto create an edit to recap the event.

April Snow Storm- POV style

Here at Holiday Valley, we have a small crew of locals that are out on the slopes no matter what the conditions.  In late April of 2012, we got a freak snow storm after the resort had fully closed and this crew took with them a handful of POV cameras and their gear and hiked…

Suburban Blend JTNY- Snowboarding! Skateboarding! Longboarding!

This is a video all about snowboarding, skateboarding and longboarding around the Jamestown, NY area.  I created this video for Suburban Blend to use a promotional  tool to show viewers what WNY has to offer for those who love to skate, snowboard, or longboard.  I filmed the majority of these clips, but added a few…