Going out in the late hours of the night and early mornings with the snowmakers is probably one of my favorite aspects of the resort to film. Night Shift Snowmaking Supervisor, Dan Aldrich gives us the run down on how we prepare and sustain through rain and warmer temperatures throughout the season. Just because there’s no snow in your backyard, doesn’t mean we don’t have any! In fact, we have plenty!

“One of the bigger misconceptions we have is if there’s no snow in our backyard, there’s no snow up here. That’s not really the case.” – HV Snowmaker Dan Aldrich

Take an inside look at how our snowmakers use both SNOWsat – a snow depth measuring system we’re using – and an unmatched HKD Automated Snowmaking System to create and maintain a consistent snow surface.

Even through the multiple warm weather cycles we’ve seen this winter, our snowmakers and snowmaking system have answered the call. Folks, there’s lots of snow up here. And for that, please #thankasnowmaker